JOIN US November 12: Present Pipeline Petition to Council

Join us next Tuesday evening in the Municipal Theatre as we present our petition and call upon Council to oppose the Energy East pipeline until a full impact assessment is made and our concerns are addressed.

Our deputation will be presented shortly after the NG Council meeting starts at 6:30PM.  Your presence will show support for the issue and underscore our degree of concern.  If you wish to remain throughout the proceedings, there is usually a period for Public Questions where you could reinforce your sentiments and get responses that will be broadcast and a matter of public record.  Further, you could approach a Councillor or the Mayor after the meeting to tell them how important this issue is to you and get their individual feedback, or to make an appointment for a more detailed discussion with them.

Even if it is just for the few minutes it takes us to make our presentation, please consider coming out next Tuesday evening to show support for our petition! 

Our Petition:

“We, citizens of North Grenville, are deeply concerned about the proposed TransCanada Energy-East pipeline to transport tar sands oil across the country and through our community. We urge our Municipal Council to oppose the proposed pipeline until a full assessment has been made of the potential impacts on our drinking water, air, and land, and associated risks to the Rideau River system.

“The full results of this study should be released to the community in writing and at a public meeting as soon as possible.”