Electric Vehicle Showcase returns in April 2016

The Ninth Annual Sustainability Fair & Market, brought to you by Sustainable North Grenville, will be held on Sunday April 17 from 10am to 3pm.  Among the offerings will be an electric vehicle  (EV) showcase.

Last year participants were able to see a variety of electric and plug-in vehicles and talk with their owners.  Presentations were delivered touching on the vehicles presently available on the market in Canada and considerations for those unsure of whether an EV would suit their needs.  Test drives were offered for those interested in experiencing for themselves the silent performance of an EV.

Sustainable North Grenville will be repeating these popular components this year and adding even more for participants to experience.

Owners of a number of EVs will be bringing their cars to the North Grenville Municipal Centre so people can see, touch, and learn about the cars.  Owners can answer questions about range, ownership, lifetime costs, maintenance, and more.  Although the line-up is not finalized, owners of the following vehicles are planning to participate:  Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt, Ford C-Max Energi, Tesla Model S, Kia Soul EV.  Some owners are already turning 100,000km on their vehicles and have experienced all of the conditions Canadian roads can deliver.  If you have a question on the vehicles, surely these owners are well-placed to respond.

Test drives were well-received last year and Sustainable North Grenville is working with a number of local dealerships to repeat this for 2016.  Just like going to a dealership for a test drive, you will need a valid license.  Unlike going to a dealership for a test drive, you will be able to compare different cars from different manufacturers all at once.  And what better reference than the owners who will be onsite to discuss what they like and what they might improve about their cars?

The presentations on EVs last year were mostly about what was available on the market and costs for those considering buying an EV.  It seems clear that people are equally interested in “what’s next?”  With this in mind, there will be a single presentation given which will cover some core aspects and move into a discussion about what has been happening in the EV marketplace and what is anticipated over the next one or two model years.  Plenty has already happened:  There’s a new Chevrolet Volt on the market with a 30% increase in the electric range; the Nissan Leaf offers a 30kWh battery for 2016 which is a 25% improvement that didn’t change the dimensions of the battery.  The Chevrolet Bolt is expected at dealerships by the end of the year and the Tesla Model III will be unveiled shortly – both expect to deliver a range of over 300km at a price of around $35,000 US.  Join us for a gaze into the crystal ball of the near-future EV marketplace.

The past criticisms concerning the price of the cars or their limitations due to range and need to recharge are outdated.  With the new quick charge infrastructure that already exists in Quebec, you could drive a Nissan Leaf from Kemptville to Quebec City, stopping to recharge for about 20 minutes when necessary.  Ontario is moving to introduce these fast charge stations between cities and along the highways in the near future.  Last year we discussed how the initial cost of an EV might be less expensive than a modestly-equipped Corolla when viewed in terms of lifetime costs or on a monthly basis.  You might find that, all factors considered, an EV that works for your needs and lifestyle is less expensive than the other vehicles on your shopping list.

In addition to the cars, we’ll be showcasing some electric power equipment to help with yard work.  What kind of performance can you expect?  What is the level of battery technology and how has it changed?

We may have more surprises to show you. Come and join us at:

The 9th Annual N. G. Sustainability Fair  & Market

Sunday, April 17th
North Grenville Municipal Centre,
285 County Rd 44, Kemptville

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