SNG Presents: Mental Wellness and Reconnection with Nature – A talk by Dr. Sarah Tuck

Tuesday, March 21, 2023. 7 – 8:30PM

Where: Grenville Mutual Community Room

380 Colonnade Drive, Kemptville

Admission: FREE – but must register through Eventbrite

(COVID precaution: Attendance limited to 35 people, 18 and older)

A mental health crisis plagues North American culture at the same time that the climate crisis rages. Is it our gradual separation from the natural environment that has led to both? And could it be that the simple act of reconnecting with nature could offer a solution for both? 

Until very recently, the field of Psychology and its related therapies have focused almost exclusively on individual and social/cultural factors to explain and “correct” behaviour. A newer field called Ecopsychology highlights the deep connection between the human and non-human. By applying this model in the mental health field (and across other disciplines), there’s a world of possibility when it comes to healing the suffering of both the mind and the natural world.

Sarah Tuck is a local doctor practicing psychotherapy and hospice care. She is especially interested in the crossroads of mental health and ecological health. She finds peace and connection in the forest and hopes to share that love with her kids and with others.

Space is limited. Only 35 spaces available: first come, first served. Get your FREE ticket here:

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