Promise the Planet

Simple actions..BIG impact! For the second year, local resident Clare Weissflog approached North Grenville elementary schools for Earth Day 2011 to get students to think about actions they could do to improve the health of our planet. Her assignment was to get them to draw a picture of their promise to the planet.

Ideas to get the kids thinking include:
– Use a reusable drinking bottle
– Support local farmers by buying local produce and products
– Start a vegetable garden
– Turn off lights, computers and games when not in use
– Take the 3-Minute Shower challenge and use less water
– Hang wet laundry outdoors to dry in the wind and sun
– Save trees: use both sides of your paper.

More information for North Grenville’s 2011 Sustainability Fair and Promise the Planet Contest will be posted shortly.

Click here to view the winning posters from Earth Day 2011.

Helping North Grenville become a more sustainable community