What You Can Do

Sustainability starts at home! The following are some simple steps to help you on your way to making North Grenville a more sustainable community:

(Download printable PDF here)

Good Better Better Still
Domestic Hot Water Take shorter showers; use cold water for laundry Install low-flow shower head and front-load washer. Install tankless or solar domestic water heater.
Room Temperatures Reduce your thermostat at night Install a programmable thermostat Keep unused rooms much lower.
Furnace Check and replace filters often. Keep burner cleaned and well serviced. Install ECM motor in furnace fan. Install high efficiency furnace.
Air Conditioning Use natural night-time ventilation. Raise temperature by 2 degrees. Only cool rooms that are in-use.
Lighting Turn off unnecessary lights. Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents bulbs. Replace T-12 Fluorescent bulbs with T-8’s.
Small Appliances Unplug phantom loads Put phantom loads on timers or power bars with switches. Replace appliance with more efficient model.
Food Shopping Use cloth or re-usable bags Take your own containers for meat or cheese Buy bulk food in season (local is best) and can it yourself
Food Growing Grow your own veggies in a grow bag Start a compost Make your lawn into a garden
Community Turn off the tv or computer Invite your neighbours for a home-cooked meal or pot luck Work together on a project for your neighbourhood.
Spend real family time Share a skill or interest join (or form) a local club or group

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Helping North Grenville become a more sustainable community