15th Annual Sustainability Fair

The populare Sustainability Fair

 will return to Kemptville as part of the 15th Annual Sustainability Fair on Sunday May 5, 2024.  Come join us at the North Grenville Municipal Centre for this free EVent and speak with owners about their experiences driving these vehicles in our local area and, in some cases, hundreds of thousands of kilometres already.

As we strive to bring our community a show that is both current and relevant, we will bring together some of the newest models, some local dealerships, and plenty of test drives that can be arranged and conducted on site during the day.  It’s true that EVs are now commonplace on our roads, but where else can you compare many different makes and models, talk with the owners themselves, and then go for a drive?

People are choosing these vehicles for a variety of reasons.  Consider performance – in the past year the Rimac Nevera, a 2,000hp hypercar with four motors well outside of any responsible transportation budget set speed records of 412km/h then set another speed record the next day at 275km/h…in reverse!  Consider emissions – an efficient electric car achieving 100km on just 15kWh of electricity in the province of Ontario would emit roughly 600 grams of CO2 on average, while just 1L of gas or diesel produces around 2,300 grams (and if we want to compare apples-to-apples we must add to that the emissions to extract, refine, and transport that fuel).  From cradle-to-grave EVs are consistently shown to be cleaner even when considering the higher manufacturing inputs.  Consider warranty – the battery in the modern EV carries an 8-year warranty and 160-240,000km depending on the model.  Consider the price – many options now exist that are less expensive than the average new car in Canada, qualify for a rebate, and have lower operating costs.

This year we have 4 local dealerships participating and bringing their latest models:  Ottos BMW, Barrhaven Ford, Myers Kemptville Chevrolet Buick GMC, and Smiths Falls Hyundai.  Talk with their representatives on the latest offers available to you.  The Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa will have representation on site, as well as the EV Experience for those test drives already mentioned.  Transport Canada representatives will join us to talk about their rebate program and more.

Finally, we will also arrange an EV presentation as part of the fair.  Come join us in the Theatre to hear the latest from the experts and learn more about the vehicles and charging them as you evaluate what choices could be right for your next set of wheels.

As always, follow us on Facebook or watch for further announcements for more details on the timing of the presentation, the test drives and models available, and other announcements on what you might expect to see and experience.

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